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Insomnia can lead to premature death

I can’t sleep at night. Many people suffer from such problems. However, the incidence of this problem is increasing day by day. As uncontrolled living, worries and anxieties increase, so does the problem of sleep deprivation. Meanwhile, various studies say that insomnia can lead to premature death. A study published in the popular journal Advances […]

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Life Style

Beard eliminates fatigue!

The role of beard in the beauty of men is important. One by one the beards are tested. Nowadays bearded men are more popular in fashion than clean cheeks. Many people cannot afford a beard in summer. Sweating on the cheeks causes various infections. But in winter there is no such problem. So from the […]

nonajaler kavya

‘Non-water poem’ Goes back to Fisherman

The movie ‘Nonajaler Kavya’ is going to be released on December 26. The film is based on the life of a coastal fisherman. Before being released on the big screen after two and a half years, he returned to the village with ‘Nonajaler Kavya’. According to a press release, exhibitions were organized for the fishing […]


Mim in the new movie to become an independent young woman

Mim has signed a contract for a new film. Director Raihan Jewel is going to make a movie called ‘Pathe Hall Dekha’ based on the story and screenplay of Zakaria Soukhin. Mim was signed on Saturday for the movie to be produced by Master Communication. Regarding the romantic film, Mim said, “I read the story […]